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Christmas tree farms produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Each acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen for eighteen people every day.

Christmas tree farms help clean the air of dirt, smog and other pollutants.  Experts say that trees will help slow down the greenhouse effect. Farms filter our water, absorb the runoff from large storms and help stop erosion.

Not only are the farms helping to clean the air but they also act as homes for many animals. You can find turkeys, deer, rabbits and many beautiful birds living on many tree farms. The animals love the security of the farm and the understanding farmer. The tree farm is a place where nature lives together.

Artificial trees are made in factories from plastic and metal. Some of these factories are overseas and produce large amounts of waste. After a few seasons, most people tire of their artificial tree and it ends up in a landfill. There, it may survive for centuries.

Real trees are 100% biodegradable and can be recycled after Christmas. They can be used as mulch or can help make new dunes at the beach.

For every tree cut, tree farmers plant three new trees.

Use a REAL tree this year and every year,
so we can plant more trees.

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