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Fraser Fir
Fraser fir continues to increase in popularity for good reason. Fraser fir has blue-green needles with silvery undersides. The branches are stiff and hold up well to ornaments. The trees have a pleasant scent and needle retention is excellent. We grow ours here in Pennsylvania.
Douglas Fir
Douglas-fir is a dense tree with soft, light green needles and a very pleasant Christmas tree aroma. The branches are not as stiff as some other species. We grow them here in Pennsylvania for exceptional needle retention.
Balsam Fir
Balsam fir has been a traditional Christmas tree choice for generations.  Its popularity may be based on its strong Christmas tree scent; it is among the most fragrant of all species of Christmas trees.  Balsam fir has relatively short, dark green needles and excellent form making it a good choice for displaying ornaments. Typically grown in Canada,
Nordmann Fir
Nordmann fir is by far the most popular Christmas tree species in Europe and is quickly gaining in popularity in the US. Nordmann fir features glossy, dark green needles, which are darker than almost any other fir and has excellent needle retention.  The structure of Nordmann fir presents in a layered or tiered fashion with sturdy branches for displaying ornaments.
Colorado Blue Spruce
Colorado blue spruce remains a popular Christmas tree because of its lovely silver-blue color. Branches are stiff and hold heavy ornaments well. Blue spruce needles are quite sharp, so be sure to wear gloves and long-sleeves when handling. While the needles may make the tree hard to handle, some people choose blue spruce to keep pets away from the tree.
Concolor Fir
Concolor fir (sometimes known as white fir) has a stately and symmetrical form and holds ornaments well. Needles are typically blue-green and, in some cases, can be a dramatic powder blue. The needles of concolor fir are longer than most other firs commonly grown for Christmas trees, giving trees a coarser appearance. Concolor needles have a unique and pleasant scent that is usually described as citrusy or orange-like.
Korean Fir
Korean fir is native to Asia, as noted by the name, but grows well in many regions of the U.S. It has a form similar to Fraser fir and is easily identified by dark green needles with striking silvery undersides. Strong branching and short, relatively soft needles are characteristic of the Korean fir.  The fragrance of the Korean fir is a bit different than more traditional species. A relative newcomer to the Christmas tree family,
Christmas Tree Varities
Turkish Fir
Turkish Fir also known as the Black Sea fir is similar to the Nordmann fir and a popular Christmas tree species in Europe. Limited availability but gaining popularity in the US. Fragrant, short, dark green foliage has a silvery underside. New needles are bright lime green. Excellent needle retention.  The structure of sturdy and layered branches is great for displaying ornaments.